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Places in Russia with AF

Search and find places in Russia with first letters AF.

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Alphabetical index of places in Russia with AF

There are 212 places in Russia beginning with 'AF' (in alphabetical order).
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Page 1:   Afachikha   to   Afanas'yevskiye
Places in Russia with AF
Afachikha Afachikha1.Ivanovo Ivanovo-
Afanas'yeva Afanas’yeva2.Irkutsk Irkutsk1,100
Afanas'yeva Gora Afanas’yeva Gora3.Republic of Karelia Republic of Karelia-
Afanas'yeva Sel'ga Afanas’yeva Sel’ga4.Republic of Karelia Republic of Karelia-
Afanas'yevka Afanas’yevka5.Belgorod Belgorod-
Afanas'yevka Afanas’yevka6.Kemerovo Kemerovo-
Afanas'yevka Afanas’yevka7.Kursk Kursk-
Afanas'yevka Afanas’yevka8.Kursk Kursk-
Afanas'yevka Afanas’yevka9.Kursk Kursk-
Afanas'yevka Afanas’yevka10.Orjol Orjol-
Afanas'yevka Afanas’yevka11.Orjol Orjol-
Afanas'yevka Afanas’yevka12.Primorskiy Primorskiy-
Afanas'yevka Afanas’yevka13.Saratov Saratov-
Afanas'yevka Afanas’yevka14.Saratov Saratov-
Afanas'yevka Afanas’yevka15.Smolensk Smolensk-
Afanas'yevka Afanas’yevka16.Tambov Tambov-
Afanas'yevka Afanas’yevka17.Tambov Tambov-
Afanas'yevka Afanas’yevka18.Tatarstan Tatarstan-
Afanas'yevka Afanas’yevka19.Voronezj Voronezj-
Afanas'yevo Afanas’yevo20.Ivanovo Ivanovo-
Afanas'yevo Afanas’yevo21.Jaroslavl Jaroslavl-
Afanas'yevo Afanas’yevo22.Kaluga Kaluga-
Afanas'yevo Afanas’yevo23.Khakasiya Khakasiya-
Afanas'yevo Afanas’yevo24.Kirov Kirov-
Afanas'yevo Afanas’yevo25.Kostroma Kostroma-
Afanas'yevo Afanas’yevo26.Kursk Kursk-
Afanas'yevo Afanas’yevo27.Lipetsk Lipetsk-
Afanas'yevo Afanas’yevo28.MO MO-
Afanas'yevo Afanas’yevo29.MO MO-
Afanas'yevo Afanas’yevo30.MO MO-
Afanas'yevo Afanas’yevo31.Nizjnij Novgorod Nizjnij Novgorod-
Afanas'yevo Afanas’yevo32.Nizjnij Novgorod Nizjnij Novgorod-
Afanas'yevo Afanas’yevo33.Nizjnij Novgorod Nizjnij Novgorod-
Afanas'yevo Afanas’yevo34.Smolensk Smolensk-
Afanas'yevo Afanas’yevo35.Tula Tula-
Afanas'yevo Afanas’yevo36.Tula Tula-
Afanas'yevo Afanas’yevo37.Tverskaya Tverskaya-
Afanas'yevo Afanas’yevo38.Vladimir Vladimir-
Afanas'yevo Afanas’yevo39.Vladimir Vladimir-
Afanas'yevskaya Afanas’yevskaya40.Republic of Karelia Republic of Karelia-
Afanas'yevskaya Afanas’yevskaya41.Vologda Vologda-
Afanas'yevskaya Afanas’yevskaya42.Vologda Vologda-
Afanas'yevskaya Afanas’yevskaya43.Vologda Vologda-
Afanas'yevskiy Afanas’yevskiy44.Irkutsk Irkutsk-
Afanas'yevskiy Afanas’yevskiy45.Komi Republic Komi Republic-
Afanas'yevskiy Afanas’yevskiy46.Orjol Orjol-
Afanas'yevskiy Afanas’yevskiy47.Sverdlovsk Sverdlovsk-
Afanas'yevskiy Afanas’yevskiy48.Voronezj Voronezj-
Afanas'yevskiy Postik Afanas’yevskiy Postik49.Krasnodarskiy Krasnodarskiy-
Afanas'yevskiye Afanas’yevskiye50.Novgorod Novgorod-

1 - 50 of 212 places
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